Facebook Reaches 1.49 Billion Daily Active Users

Mark Z

Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerburg released community update and quarterly results. In the statement Zuckerberg states that more than 2,6 billion people use social media platforms (Facebook, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger) each month and more than 2 billion people use at least one of the services every day.

Zuckerberg appreciate the year, “we have made progress on some of our hardest issues and we have built a lot of products I am proud of,“ revenue grew 33% year over year to $13,7 billion, social-networking websites have upgrade best messaging, stories and community tools in the world as well as video services.

Zuckerberg highlighted that people send around 100 billion messages each day using his service to add on messenger has a higher daily message volume than messages hand globally at its peak, people share more photos, videos and links on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger than other social networks.

His social media platforms are leading in most countries, however the biggest competitor by far is iMessage, and in important countries like US where iPhone is strong, Apple bundles, iMessage as default texting app but still ahead.

In countries where there is more competition between iOS and Android like much of Europe people tend to prefer his services especially Whatsapp because of its stronger record on privacy, Whatsapp is completely end-to-end encrypted, it does not store messages and key to messages in China or anywhere else.

In his statement Zuckerberg further stated that the end encrypted on Whatsapp is important because government and bad actors cannot be able to access the messages through them either.
He went on to say his roadmap focus on continuing to make Whatsapp and Message even simpler, faster and adding basic utility features like payments.

Zuckerberg confirmed that every time he make his services faster and simpler, people communicate more.


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