How to Pin a Tweet


A pin on Twitter is the very first tweet that appears on your profile. You can pin a tweet to the top of your Twitter profile so it stays there while you continue tweeting. It’s easy and makes your profile look a little more interesting.

You can pin a tweet when using Twitter on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Pinning a tweet ensures your most significant content is not missed. Most Twitter profiles have a substantial number of tweets. Think about how easy it is to retweet it literally takes one second.


Pinning a tweet is an effective tool to promote your most important content. As your priorities change, you can continually update which tweet you pin to the top of your profile. While growing your presence on Twitter, experiment with the tweets you pin.

Try pinning a tweet for two weeks, and measure likes, retweets, and increased followers to your profile. Then, test a two-week period with a different tweet.

Please Note that, If you are retweeting someone else’s tweet, you cannot pin it to your Twitter profile. The option to “pin to your profile page” will not be in the drop-down menu.

Step One: Open your Twitter Account

Eyetro Digital Twitter

Step Two: Locate tweet you would like to pin.


Step Three: Tap/ Click on “more” symbol, located in the upper righthand corner of the tweet.

Eyetro Digital Twitter


Step Four: A drop-down menu will appear. Click “Pin to your profile page”.

Eyetro Digital Twitter



After doing that your tweet will be pinned on your profile.



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