Mobisoft Breaks New Turf in Zimbabwe: Ecoledger

Ecoledger App

Mobisoft has introduced an awesome mobile application that will save many lives, called Ecoledger.

Ecoledger is an app that facilitates automatic budgeting and mobile money management with extra ordinary functions.

It helps users to view, download and print mobile money wallet statement and history.

It automatically generates statements and report showing how and where you have done your mobile money transactions. More so, it tells how much you are left within your wallet.

How it works?

“EcoLedger analyzes your Mobile Money Wallet notifications using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automatically retrieve, detect and categorize financial transactions in a simple ledger.”

“The generated ledger provides customers with an auditable money trail which can be used to critic historical financial behavior and guide current and future spending patterns,” said Mobisoft spokesperson.

The idea of EcoLedger is to make everyone access their personal account at the touch of a button.

Download Ecoledger: Click Here


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