Face Unlock and Fingerprint coming soon: WhatsApp

Digital FingerPrint

Data Privacy will always bring headaches to everyone in the cyber world, no one would want their information/data to be seen by anyone or to be in the wrong hands.

There has been very serious concern about data privacy, be it on computers, smartphones, applications, etc. 

Such concerned has made a lot of people to look for third party softwares/applications to prevent other people from gaining access to their smartphones.

The world’s largest freeware and cross-platform messaging and voice over IP services owned by Facebook, WhatsApp, is currently working on various new features for 2019 among them are the security features which will use biometric identifiers.

This feature is currently in its testing phase, only people with Whatsapp Beta version might start to enjoy this feature.

For those using the Steward Bank app, they are familiar with this feature (fingerprint) where it is advisable to use additional security procedures.

When the app is opened, the system first asks for the fingerprint or facial recognition before revealing the actual content.

This is especially useful if you have not locked your smartphone yourself or if you have just pressed it in the hand of another person.

When exactly WhatsApp will start distributing the new feature is not clear at this time.


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