Download 2019 WhatsApp GB v7.81


A Spanish developer named Ralfanse, first developed an Android application called WhatsApp Plus which was launched in 2012, In 2015 the app started having issues with users being suspended on using WhatsApp Plus with concerns that the program might cause private data to be leaked to third-parties.

After WhatsApp Plus was discontinued another modded version of whatsapp came on the internet which is called as GB Whatsapp. GBWhatsApp has more features than any other WhatsApp clones.

Not every WhatsApp user has knowledge of GBWhatsapp, which makes the applications even more special.

Most users are in fear wether this modded application is safe or unsafe to use or to run on their smartphones, we found out that it “safe” to assume that WhatsApp plus is secure.

However, if you send private messages (that you will never want to go public), then it’s better to avoid it. Recently the Developers of the app released their 2019 version 7.81 with more features,

Here are some of the features the Modded app has added:

Hide/Lock Your Chats

Tap on the Whatsapp logo on the top left corner and it shall open the hidden chats list, in that to make chats visible again, just hold on the specific conversation and tap on the three dots, and select Marks as Visible, to again show it in the regular messages listings.

Theme your WhatsApp

Go to GB Settings >Download Themes >when you hit apply, it will ask to restart your phone, just do it, so that it can apply all the new elements of the theme.

Message Scheduling

The message will be delivered, when the time comes as per your selection of date and time, so it a handly neat little utility which should honestly also make its way to the official app.

Locking Chats of specific contacts

Just tap on that conversation and then tap on the three vertical dots. A Menu will be displayed; in that menu, you’ll find the Lock Chat option, just select it, and you’ll be asked to enter a passcode to lock it, that’s it. Change Everything: Icons, ticks and everything related to looks

Multiple Whatsapp Accounts

You can use two different number and run these separate accounts smoothly with this modded Whatsapp.

Larger Video sharing limits

GB Whatsapp app got you covered, with it you now can send videos up to 125MB in size.

You can send up to 90 videos and pictures

Hides your Typing status/ticks/ recording status and much more

Download The Latest Version: Click Here


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