Its not a SPAM its Spredr: Mobisoft did it again


Today, a lot of people woke up with their WhatsApp flooded with messages with a link from an application called Spredr, let us explain to you what and who is Spredr.

The developers of the most famous EcoLedger, an app that uses your confirmation SMS messages to generate your mobile money wallet statements, has come back with a new application called Spredr.

Today they launched an app on PlayStore, Spredr is a Peer to Peer Social Media Marketing Platform developed and wholly owned by MobiSoft a company in Zimbabwe.

Spredr is a new innovation and just like any new innovation many people won’t grasp the concept. Some people will want to know where the money comes from or whether it is not a scam.” aid Mobisoft spokesperson

“These are valid questions because many people have been robbed along the way by people who promised them how they could become instant millionaires doing nothing.”

“Spredr is NOT about How to Getting Rich Quick. Spredr is marketing platform for brands: you don’t pay anything to join or use Spredr. Businesses are the ones that pay you to advertise their brands.”

Anyone who understands advertising knows how much big brands are spending on pop up ads.

“We have a different approach why can’t we have our own home-grown version of google ads where everyone is a winner – instead of one company pocketing all the billions. Spredr is about democratizing marketing – we are going back to the basics.”

How does Spredr App works:

Spredr started with 100 individuals where each individual was tasked to create a group and invite 100 people again. After gaining followership, the developers of the App then asked the group members to sign up for an account.

Once you have activated your membership and download Spredr, the app will generate a referral link on which you will share with your friends, so when you share your referral link to a person, if that person downloads the app with your link, the person with the referral link will gain $0.20 per download.

For every promotion that we run, all Spredr Members will get unique Promotional Links Which they can use to market the promotion.

“Between now and 13 February 2019 we are activating the Spredr Brand to the masses. On 14 February we are opening up Spredr to the world of Business.” Said the Mobisoft’s CEO.

“The main focus for everyone right now is to help grow your group.”

Spredr App is currently available on Android only, the developers of Spredr said that they are still working on the Application to be available on iOS and Windows Platform.

You can now Download the Spredr app and make money marketing and promoting local brands on Social Media.

Referral Code: 3047488

Download Spredr: Click Here


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