Enjoy Banking at your fingertips: FBC PREPAID APP-MASTERCARD


Many would recall the days when bankers would visit their banks with their bank cards for virtually all transactions that they intended to have, from banking, to withdrawals, balance enquiries, making payments to debtors, pin verifications among a whole lot of other hectic activities that took them several hours standing in long bank queues.

However, with advanced modern banking technologies, some banks have developed mobile banking applications or systems that allow bankers to transact anywhere they want and at any time of their choice without necessarily having to go to the physical  bank.

FBC Bank Limited for instance, has recently improved efficiency to its bank users through introducing the FCB prepaid app-MasterCard.

This is a fully-fledged mobile banking solution that is designed to give FBC bank MasterCard holders convenient, friendly and secure access to their MasterCard Prepaid accounts at any time and anywhere they are located within the world.

The system is based on an FBC Bank mobile application that allows customers to register for the mobile banking system and transact anytime they log into the system.

The easy to use application, which has no confines to geographical boundaries,  features functions that enable bankers to inquire their balances, get mini-statements and transaction history, transfer of balance from prepaid MasterCard to prepaid MasterCard, change Pin and reset Pin, De-activation and Activation of Card, blocking of Card if lost or stolen, Automated Teller Machine locator, Branch locator, Agent locator for card re-loads among other important functions.

With all these functions, it means that there are no more hassles for the banker, no more long queues and no more inconveniences as banking is now on their fingertips and it seems the FBC Prepaid App-MasterCard is the way to go for bankers.

Through the FBC Bank prepaid App-MasterCard, Card holders can only visit their banks to withdraw hard cash or for any other business beyond the capacity of the mobile banking application, the rest is now in their hands.

The FBC Prepaid App-MasterCard is similar to banking applications such as uLinkCard (Unitellerapp), Card Portal (complete solution ), Cash Cloud Wallet ( Cash Cloud S.A), Fancards (university fancards ) and Netspend Expense Management from (Netspend Corporation) among several other international banking applications and systems.

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