Steward Bank to launch a New international Banking and Payment System


Check out for Shosholoza !!!

On Thursday 7 March 2019, Steward Bank will be the second bank in Africa to launch a new Banking and Payment System that is believed could have a positive impact on the Steward Bank customers transact and pay for goods and services.

This was revealed by Steward Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Lance Mambondiyani on Social Media site.

“For the past few months, the Steward Bank team has been working tirelessly on establishing a platform payment system that they believe could change the way customers bank and pay for goods and services. They wanted this service to be a world-class delivered through a popular platform but their technology partners told them that Facebook was no longer interested in this IPI but undeterred, one of Steward Bank’s working partners, Rutendo Njanji took the initiative upon herself to contact the Facebook team directly and after several attempts Facebook agreed and Steward Bank’s break through was reached, and subsequently Njanji was quickly promoted to Head Steward Bank’s Social Media payment strategy on a full time basis.”

Tomorrow when Steward Bank goes to market, they will be the second Bank to launch the service, which Is an incredible feat for Zimbabwe and the technological team that worked tirelessly to facilitate the project. The bank had often focused on their customers but they wanted to change their narrative.

Their experience with Facebook has taught them that for a service to be truly successful it should reach everyone, everywhere and the service that they are releasing tomorrow is for everyone everywhere and its called Shosholoza and it will make quite an impact. Those who want to see the launch should visit the Steward Bank Facebook page for more details.

This service can be an alternative to Econet’s Eco Cash Services.


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