How to turn on the Dark Mode in WhatsApp chat

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Before we dive in on how to turn on this feature, one would really want to know the history of Dark Mode. Apple was one of the first operating systems to offer a darker alternative for screens in 1991 on their Operating System 7.

Windows 95 later followed the footsteps by boasting the contrast toggle. In 2001 Windows XP went one further by featuring multiple high-contrast themes and the option to change the colour of the user interface

Fast forward a few years and a dark mode is an increasingly popular option, with YouTube and Apple’s macOS 10.14 Mojave among those following the trend.

A lot of people struggle to understand the hype about the optional bonus of having a dark mode. Dark mode is intentionally created for those who want to reduce eye strain at night. Many dark mode lovers use their devices at night and claim the benefits of this have been extremely useful. For those users, it can be a lifesaver over time.

Whatsapp messenger hasn’t yet launched the Dark Mode feature but here’s a way you can enjoy the mode when using WhatsApp. To activate the Dark Mode you. Tap the Settings tab from the WhatsApp button bar, then press Chats, Chat Wallpaper, and Solid Colours.

Next scroll down the Solid Colours option and choose any dark colour followed by tapping Set to apply the dark wallpaper to the chat screen.

Users also have the option of using a customised dark picture simply by saving it to the camera roll and choosing from the Photos option from the Chat Wallpaper page.


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