WhatsAppp introduces a new feature that allows people to decide who adds them to groups

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Most WhatsApp users have been irritated by WhatsApp group messages that would pop-up anytime even when they are in the middle of important occupations.

Through the ‘Groups’ feature on WhatsApp, people would often find themselves added in groups without their consents either by friends, family members or workmates even when they did not approve so and would often get irritated.

The ‘Groups’ feature, which enables people to come up together and communicate simultaneously under one thread is important but if abused it can be very irritating through quick battery power outages, unnecessary noises and sometimes irrelevant messages coming from various members of the groups.

With the new WhatsApp feature announced to be rolled out soon, however, all the above problems will now be a thing of the past since the feature allows users to choose people they want to add them to groups and those that they do not want.

The feature, that is expected to start working today, will give users three options namely ‘Everyone’ which allows anyone to add you to their groups, ‘My contacts’, which allows contacts on your list only to add you in groups and finally ‘Nobody’, which allows you to decline as soon as anybody adds you to their groups that you do not like under the “Groups” setting. 

For people to access these settings they should open WhatsApp and go to ‘Accounts’ setting, click ‘Privacy’, then ‘Groups’ and select the desired option of their choice from the offered list.

The new WhatsApp option will start operating today for some users and might take a week before being accessible to other worldwide users. 


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