Kenya’s CyberSecurity Threats Increases by 167%


According to the latest quarterly report by the Communication Authority of Kenya covering the period between October and December 2018, cyber-security threats in the country increased by 167% to 10.2 million from 3.8 million threats detected in the previous quarter.

Attacks perpetrated through malware (include phishing attacks) and those done through the exploitation of misconfigured systems increased by 7.1 Million and 901 respectively.


Web application attacks (website defacement and illegal access to online applications) and Denial of Service attacks which hampered the availability of computer services decreased by 327,682 and 457, 927 respectively.

“During this period under review, 12,197 cyber threat advisories were issued to the affected organizations marking a 91 per cent increase from the advisories sent out to affected institutions in the previous quarter,” the report added.


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