Mega Solar Farm coming to Zimbabwe

Solar Panels

Local Zimbabwean entrepreneurs in collaboration with their Indian-based counterpart are set to establish a gigantic renewable solar energy plant that they strongly believe will help Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) to supplement the hydro-electricity that constantly falls short of supplying consumers’ power consumption needs.

In a Telephone interview, Selwyn Madya who is one of the partnering brains behind the project confirmed that all is set for the establishment of the solar farm with the company registration having already been completed. 

The Solar Plant, which will be established using self-made Solar panels, transmitters, transformers and other equipment made by the Indian partner, will produce high voltage of electricity that they believe will be enough to curb power shortages in Africa ahead of previously predicted electricity shortfalls expected in 2021.

The renewable energy Company, under the banner of Eagyns Energy Corporation P/C or Earth Generation Energy Corporation, will go a long way in distributing electricity from solar farms as well as the establishment of powering up stations for electric cars since the company will promote the use of electric cars in Zimbabwe.

According to Madya, the company’s top mandate Is to provide the whole African continent with electricity ahead of the year 2021 that was predicted to face serious power shortages for the growing consumer populations of the region.

Eagyns Energy Corporation is chaired by the Indian National Mr Vedvyas V and is also composed of a number of Zimbabwean Top officials including Selwyn Madya who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well as Chief Operations Officer (COO), Michelle Moyo Nqababa who is the Chief of Staff and Calm Mandizvidza who is the Chief of Business.

The company is expected to start by producing 2Mega Watts (MW) in the first phase and 5 MW in the second phase and is looking forward to creating several employment opportunities as well as offering industrial based education with its employees being derived from tertiary learning institutions and 15% of the company’s equity will be for the remittances of the workforce of the company.

Eagyns Energy Corporation’s Vision is to be an active Independent power producer that will supply power to the Zimbabwean government on long term power purchase agreements and will also install solar at Universities, schools, industries, commercial entities, shopping malls, and residential at affordable prices and the company will also install solar pumps for farmers for irrigation and commercial usage.

Madya’s Indian business partner, Mr. Vedyvas (Chairman) also confirmed the development saying all was in progress for the establishment of the company,
“Our focus Is to deliver renewables to every corner of Zimbabwe and we are willing to raise 5 Million Dollars for the establishment of rooftop solar projects in industries, commercial businesses, universities, and other power consumption places”.

Vedyvas further stated that Eagyns Energy Corporation is also ready to provide advisory services on renewable energy services to the Zimbabwean government.
The process of land acquisition, according to Madya, is in the process of funding but everything is expected to materialize by May and all the work will kick off from there.

“May is when our Indian Inspector will come here to inspect and finalize on the whole land issue and all will be ready”, said Madya. 

The establishment of the solar farms is expected to bring about a long term relief to Zimbabwe’s power shortage crises which are usually experienced when water levels drops and the turbines usually fail to produce enough hydro-electricity.


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