How to Block Text Messages on Android


Sometimes it’s necessary to block people so they can’t contact you anymore on your cell phone. It’s not as simple as it seems because blocking incoming texts depends on your specific phone and carrier. Blocking unwanted texts in Android depends on the app you’re using. Your specific process will depend on which phone you’re using and whether the carrier app is active.

Let’s start with Google phones, which use a different texting app than other Android models. After that, you’ll see instructions for other phone manufacturers.


Most Google phones use Android Messages as the default texting app. Android Messages can also be downloaded from the Play Store on any Android phone or used on the web with a desktop PC.

There are some many methods to block texts through Android Messages, both of which will block both texts and calls, we just choose two most effective methods on how any android user can block Text messages.

Block Using Android Messages

Step 1. Open Android Messages.

Step 2. Tap and hold the conversation from the contact you wish to block. When selected, it will place a checkmark to the left of the conversation.

Step 3. Tap the circle with the line through it at the top right of your screen.

Step 4. Tap Block. You can also forward the spammer’s last 10 messages to Google to report it as spam.

Block Texts with Huawei, Samsung, HTC, and ZTE Text Blocker

The rest of Android’s phones use the default Messages app for Android. If you haven’t downloaded Android Messages from the Play Store and set it as your new default messaging app, use one of these two methods to block a contact.

1. Open the conversation with the person you wish to block.

2. Tap the three dots/Horizontal lines at the top right of the screen.

Image: Huawei P8 Lite

3. Select Block number/ Blacklist.

4. Tap OK.


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