How to clear out Bulk Gmail Emails


When your Gmail inbox reaches its maximum storage amount of 15 GB. It’s either you have to clear out some space or start paying for more email storage. Whereas most Gmail users opt for clearing out space.

We have just discovered a way to do that is to set some parameters so you can delete emails you don’t need anymore in bulk.

Thank God, Google Developers did a great job of grouping emails into categories for example, “promotions group.”. The “promotions” category includes all those emails from services, companies who will be running promotions or sending out newsletters to those who subscribed to them.

This is a simple trick that anyone can do, simply go into your search tab, Type “Promotions.”

After typing  “promotions” Gmail will show you all emails in the category then you select all the emails.

Click the trash-can icon.

When you delete emails, Google saves them for 30 days in your trash. If you want to clear space in your Gmail, you need to make sure you delete these emails from your trash and that might take some time depending on how much you are going to delete.


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