Alarming growth rate for NetOne’s OneMoney


Second largest Mobile Telecommunications Operator in Zimbabwe with over 3 Million Active Subscribers, NetOne’s continues to stay afloat with its mobile money service ONEMONEY.

According to the document released by the Zimbabwe Confederation of Retailers entitled “Achieving Smarter Selling through One”, Net One’s One Money remains on top of the game as it records a continuous growth trend both in number of subscribers as well as in the number of agents offering the service.


Statistics revealed as per March 2019 shows that One Money had 16 000 agents and 2 300 000 active customers, figures which show a growing customer base for the mobile money service. It is unbelievable to note that a service which only had 800 000 customers by March 2018 has more than doubled that figure within only just a year to reach 2,3 million customers. The number of agents has also recorded a surprising increase from 6000 at March 2018 to 16 000 as at March 2019.

The Mobile Money System, which was launched on 21 October 2017 following Huawei’s invitation to invent the system in 2016, is continuing to grow at an accelerated pace and is widely used by several companies and business ventures who recognizes it as legally acceptable payment.

With One Money, NetOne customers are able to do several transactions including airtime and data purchases, sending money, making payments etcetera and the service is being utilized by a myriad of business ventures such as OK Zimbabwe Supermarkets, Choppies, ZETDC, Harare City Council, Chicken Inn, Colorsell furnitures, ZIMRA, FMC Finance, Standard Chartered Bank, FBC Holdings Limited ,CABS etcetera.

The prolific growth rate of One Money can be attributed to a number of factors including capital injection in the network, optimized subscriber management using the multi -channel Campaign Management (MCCM) platform (Smart BSS), PRCF (Policy change and Rules Function) enabling data promotions, CRM Profiling and One Money system development and enhancement of enterprise modules such as bulk payments and payroll.


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