FBC embarks on Digital Innovation drive


FBC Holding Limited has affirmed its determination to continue with its digital innovation drive in the face of continuous modern global digital technological innovations.

According to information gathered from one of the group representative spokespersons, the Bank has decided to embrace the digitalization movement so as to stay competitive as a growing banking institution after realizing that innovation sustains the viability of several institutions.

Consequently, a committee that is composed of people from the mainstream business has been established to spend their lifetimes imagining and creating new systems and crafting innovative ways of transacting which will improve customer’s experiences.

The institution has also formed a Board of Digitalization Committee with board members to overlook the committee, one of whom from Australia.

Through having an oversight of that level with competent directors who are Digitalisation luminaries and also through having a dedicated management team dealing intrusively with Digitalisation, the Bank envisions itself as a fully-fledged, competitive digital business in the near future.

FBC Holdings Limited is an Investment holding company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and whose principal activities are in Zimbabwe. The Group offers diverse financial services through subsidiaries that span commercial banking, mortgage financing, short-term insurance, securities trading, and micro-financing.


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