Best Way to Save Data on WhatsApp

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Early this week most Zimbabwean Data users were shocked by a sudden rise of data charges by all Mobile Network Operator. There was more than 80% surge on data bundles offered by these network providers. This rise affected everyone especially WhatsApp users in the country. WhatsApp is now the best way to communicate and connect with your beloved via Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Video calls.

We have just listed a few measures one should take to save his/her Whatsapp bundle:

1. Do not view people’s status’ especially videos. Some WhatsApp users might upload a video which has high resolutions and are big in size if you open that status more megabytes will be used to view it.

2. Remove Auto Download

When this feature is turned on it will automatically download any video or pictures send to you or in the groups you have joined, best practice is to turn that feature off. Go to your WhatsApp Settings, tap Data and Storage Usage, then Under auto-download Tap When Using Mobile Data under that category untick everything. By doing that you will have to download the content manually. Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid auto download for voice notes.

whatsapp setting

3. Avoid uploading video status.

The more videos you upload on your status the more data used. Be careful when uploading videos on your status.

4. Also, avoid viewing people’s profile pictures only view a few of them

WhatsApp Settings


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