New Convenient shopping application released: Fresh in a Box


Zimbabwean Startup, Fresh in A Box is an innovative vegetable sales and delivery start-up based in Harare. The start-up delivers fresh local grown vegetables, of course in a box for an affordable price. The box contains veggies, tomatoes, potatoes, pepper onion, broccoli and the items in the box have been increasing on a continual basis.

Fresh in a box is typically the modern version of your “musika” the difference is that the Fresh in a box is run using social media or making orders using the start-ups website.

Zimbabwean run company has new fresh version of the Fresh Store that is aimed at making shopping easier and convenient has been released for Zimbabwean shoppers using Ecocash, One Money or Zipit accounts online.

The Company under the leadership of Kuda Musasiwa has developed new technology which brings an easy way to shop that enables shoppers to purchase goods through simply scanning desired goods from the shelves and capturing their images with their bar codes and price tags and make instant payments using the new software package that is attached to an instant Ecocash payment system.

The exciting shopping application, which makes shopping super fun, will soon be exhibited at local fares and playgrounds so that people can get a feel of the Application and shop intuitively on the go.

The application enables customers to purchase easily through simply go to your browser on your phones and opening the Fresh Store app website, “fresh store” which then enable the customers to scan and capture the image, bar code and price tag of the product they intent to buy, check product information and add it to a list of products to be purchased and paid for.

After scanning the product, customers can then link all the products they need to their Ecocash accounts and follow the easy instructions given to make their payments without any queuing hassles. 


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