Google consolidates its position as the king of AI


Google held its annual I/O event yesterday and as usual, there was a lot to be excited about for both developers and tech enthusiast. A number of notable announcements really grabbed our attention and we thought it would be beneficial if we could share some of them.



Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system and google leads its development. A number of changes are coming to Android with the release of the Android Q (Android 10). Android version 10 will support 5G (the next generation mobile network technology) out of the box. Support for foldable screens such as the one on the Huawei Mate X is also available natively.

The dark mode is also coming to android 10, and one of the best features we never saw coming is one called “live captioning”. This feature allows a device to caption videos playing on the device using on-device AI models. This means the feature works even without an internet connection.


Large internet companies including Microsoft, Facebook, and even Google have been in the headlines in recent times regarding the amount of data they collect and it’s implications on user’s privacy. In a calculated response to these developments, Google is rolling out “Incognito” mode to maps and YouTube. Incognito mode has been available in the Chrome browser for some time now. The feature allows you to browse the internet without saving your history and the sites you browse.

Google Assistant

Google assistant is one of the best AI powered personal assistants out there. In our humble opinion, it outsmarts both Siri and Cortana by a large margin. The most notable improvement coming to Google Assistant may sound trivial to the uninitiated but it is one of the most important improvements of the service since its inception.

The assistant uses several machine learning techniques to deliver quality results and these techniques rely on large amounts of data, as a result, the AI models themselves are very large in size. The latest improvement to the assistant will see its size shrink from 100GB to just 500MB.

The reduction in size means the assistant can now run directly from the device which makes it much faster than it was before. Using a technique called Federated Learning, the application will be able to learn new information without sending any of your data to the cloud (you see, Google cares about your security).

Google Lens

Google lens works on android phones by using the camera to fancy stuff like pointing your camera at text written in a foreign language and have it translate the language. The new update to google lens allows you to even read receipts and tell you the total amount you need to pay. We haven’t tested this feature but we are confident that it works well.

There were a number of announcements made at I/O 19 but we just picked a few that we thought might be valuable and worth looking in to. Google is forging ahead as the leader in conversational AI and given its recent efforts that trend is likely to increase. Most Google products from search, photos, and even Android are gaining traction mainly because of their superior AI capabilities.


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