Perfect Replacement for GbWhatsapp: Updated Whatsapp Plus

A lot of people have now opted to use modded apps on their Android devices, WhatsApp is one of the most popular application people use in this era. Last week some users were banned from accessing the famous social media platform due to the use of a modded app, GBWhatsapp.

GbWhatsapp is one of the most loved modded apps for WhatsApp because of its cool features but the app comes in with two significant cons of that, the app doesn’t have automatic updates and there is a high possibility of Getting Banned of which it happened last week.

We just identified a similar modded app close to GbWhatsapp that has almost similar features and is far way better than GbWhatsapp. Whatsapp Plus is a perfect replica of the original WhatsApp. The only difference between WhatsApp Plus and the original WhatsApp is the blue color of the icon. The app was developed by a developer who originates from Spain called Rafalete back in 2012.

We managed to identify four perfect features you will like about Whatsapp Plus:

  1. WhatsApp plus you can quickly change the theme as per your requirement. There are over 700 themes in WhatsApp Plus.
  2.  One can edit the file sharing option. You can modify the limit of the size of the sent files from 2MB to 50 MB. There is also an option to maintain the quality along with the size of the images and videos.
  3. In Whatsapp plus you can also edit the colors, headers, and size of a chat thread. If you want to make changes to the size and header of the image of your contacts, then WhatsApp Plus is an ideal choice.
  4. Another feature that makes WhatsApp Plus lucrative is the addition of new themes. WhatsApp Plus also includes the smiley Google’s Instant Messaging app Hangouts. However, these emojis can only be seen by the people who also use WhatsApp plus.

The only drawback with WhatsApp plus is that you will be left out as you won’t receive any updates whatsoever. Rafalete abandoned the project to work on Telegram, so there is a highly likely chance that you are not going to receive essential updates.

A new developer called Omar has developed a new WhatsApp Plus APK mod that comes with the new functionality of hiding your last seen status along with many other tricks under its sleeves.

Bored of the same old lame green WhatsApp UI, you can change the theme of WhatsApp & also have the fun shared with sharing the themes with your friends along with tons of other tricks. WhatsApp Plus comes with many functionalities & cool features that other WhatsApp mods lack.

This update only extends the validity of the version to 20/6/2019 until the new base update completed.

Download Whatsapp Plus v 7.70: Click Here