How to Conquer Google Play Store Ban: Huawei Users

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We all know that the US-China trade war is a hot topic these days, and Huawei consumers have been severely affected by US President Donald Trump’s Administration’s ban on Huawei technologies. Eventually, Huawei’s smartphones were blocked access to the Google Play Store and getting Android updates.

We have come up with options that can make Huawei users especially those that use its phones to take the problem in their own hand and try to find solutions.

An IDC report reported on how Huawei’s colossal rise as the second largest mobile phone company in the world has led to Trump accusing the Chinese tech giant of posing threats to the national security and to enact an executive order blanket banning the telecoms giant in the US. Of which the US Government didn’t have solid evidence on China’s smartphone make to be a security threat to them.

Despite the fact that Huawei has rolled out the much-awaited 5G which led to competitive prices and techs, consumers are living in fear of losing the access to critical Android updates and favorite apps from the Play Store, and this has put off retailers from selling the devices in the first place.

Huawei responded to the ban saying that the company would be switching to its Hongmeng OS. According to reports, Huawei started developing the OS in 2012 and claims to be 60% faster than Android OS and compatible with Android apps.

The Hongmeng OS will also cover all Huawei devices, including computers, mobiles, smart devices, and others, in the event Microsoft and Google proceed with Trump’s tech ban.”

We don’t know when this Operating System will be rolled up as yet and we are not sure if the 90-day ban by Google to Huawei will be lifted. But in the meantime or if the ban hasn’t been lifted, Huawei smartphone users will be forced to use third-party app stores, using a Custom Read Only Memory ROM (a phone’s firmware, based on Google’s Android platform. Android is open source and therefore any developer can edit the code, recompile it, and re-released for a wide variety of devices. Users can install ROMs to change a device’s appearance and behavior), downloading Windows updates manually and customizing computers with Linux partition.


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