3 GbWhatsapp Tricks You Didn’t Know


I just started using GBWhatsapp two weeks ago just out of curiosity of wanting to explore how much the modded app can deliver or it was just overrated by its “users”. Certainly, l have come to understand why GBWhatsapp is the most powerful mod available for WhatsApp.

The developers of GBWhatsapp made sure that the app has cool features that all WhatsApp users are going to love. To make things even better, GBWhatsapp is also equipped with a handful of hidden features that most users don’t even know about. Luckily for you, these are 3 features which found from the modded app after revealing all its features.

I went on to ask my friends who are heavy GBWhatsapp users if they were familiar with the features that l have discovered and surprisingly they were not aware of them. With that said, here are my best tips and tricks that will help you unlock GBWhatsapp’s true potential.

GBWhatsapp Tips & Tricks

  • Pin Multiple Chats

One of the coolest features that GBWhatsapp brings to the table is the ability to pin multiple chats. WhatsApp already comes with this feature, but it’s limited to only three chats. Fortunately, GBWhatsapp doesn’t have any limitations on how many chats it can pin. Using this feature will make sure that you never forget about important conversations again.

  • Auto Save Images and Videos from Statues

Did you know that GBWhatsapp lets you save images and videos from your friend’s statuses? Not just that, but GBWhatsapp can also be enabled to automatically download them. This can be done by following the next steps:

1. Head over to your file manager Access the SD card (if there is one) and then look for GBWhatsapp.

2. Tap on “Media” and then tap again on the “Show Hidden Files” option – Look for the folder named “.Statuses” and you will have access to all saved images and videos from statues.

  • How to Make Your Annoying Contacts “Shut Up”

If you have someone in your list who is annoying you, then you should be happy to know that GBWhatsapp gives users the ability to lock groups or personal chats. Follow the next steps to enable this feature: Open a chat or group – Tap on the three vertical dots icon – Now, tap on the “Lock Chat” option.


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