Android Now And The Coming Years

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Our reliance on smartphones and other handheld devices is only growing stronger each year. These devices are now capable of many tasks that benefit employees, companies, students, and nearly just about everyone from east to west. The truth is that smartphones are nothing but pieces of lifeless metal and glass if it weren’t for the driving force behind them which are the operating systems.

Google’s Android is currently the most popular operating system for handheld devices. It is trailed closely by Apple’s iOS. As the top operating system, Android is often praised for its versatility and features. Other than that, it is an operating system that supports casual users that simply want to use a fully kitted device while it is also one that rewards those that want to maximize what Android is capable of.


Android has come a long way since being introduced as Android 1.0 back in 2008. The following year, Google finally gave Android versions appropriate names with the first one being Cupcake. The current major Android version is Android Pie but Google is already working on the next iteration which is temporarily called Android Q.

It’s hard to tell what the future is for Android but for now, it seems like Google will have new competition soon. Its recent fallout with Huawei resulted in the operating system being banned from future smartphones coming from the China-based company. Now, Huawei is going to work on an operating system of its own.

While detail’s on Huawei’s operating system is still scarce, analysts are confident that it could be the next operating system to beat. Aside from being a formidable device in terms of performance, it’s also expected to have a massive library of apps supporting it. For Google, this simply means that it has to up its game for the next Android devices.

For an idea of where Android is headed, the best we can do is study some important facts and statistics surrounding the operating system. With over a decade of history behind it, Android has accrued quite the number in terms of device availability, usage, market share, and more. It obviously still has a lot ahead of it as upcoming smartphone models will push the software to new heights. For us consumers, what Android could have might be groundbreaking.

Without further ado, here are some interesting facts and statistics about Android that every gadget enthusiast should read.


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