Controversial Ecoledger updates to CashLedger


We all, at some point, received a message from Econet about Ecoledger. Ecoledger users really acknowledge that the application was really helpful for them. As if that was not enough the developers of Ecoledger has come up with a new offering of the popular mobile money management application, CashLedger. The app comes with it a number of fascinating features that will make every business and individual want to download and install it in their android device.

According to Mobisoft, the application is an auto business money management app that provides the following features:

  • Remotely monitor and manage your business on the go
  • View financial transactions from all banks and mobile money wallets in Zimbabwe
  • Manage your customer accounts and analyse historical trends
  • Quickly track your business performance through comprehensive periodic reports.

Application review and demo

The application checks a number of boxes according to our analysis of applications developed by local developers. First, the application has a very small Android Application Package (.apk) size meaning that the application takes very small memory on your device (this also means the application is not a hybrid application).

On opening the application, the home screen automatically shows a graphical summary of the transactions you have done over time. Along with the graphical summary, there is a condensed list of transactions grouped according to the type of transactions as illustrated by the screenshot below.

The app also allows you to select the accounts you want to view. CashLedger also enables its user to connect to its web Portal, the web portal lets you log in using your email address meaning that if you are a businessman with say 5 shops and you want to get access to all your business transactions remotely in one portal.

The web portal’s dashboard allows you to see transactions on 30 days,60 days, 365 days, month to date, quarter to date and Year to date interval. On the dashboard you can also view Income at any selected period, then comes the feature l love from CashLedger, Expenditure the app lets you see how much you used at a given period.

CashLedger shows its users report balances on a daily, weekly and monthly bases. The Web Portal has the apps most functions and you will enjoy using it. To have full access to the app has a minimum subscription fee of RTGS $4.   

Download CashLedger: Click here 


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