Econet launches Group Innoversity

Mr. Douglas Mboweni

ECONET Wireless has launched the Econet Group Innoversity, a virtual learning academy designed to develop critical skills in the digital era recently in Harare.

Speaking to the press, Econet CEO Mr. Douglas Mboweni said that the Econet Innoversity will help the organization to develop and deliver skills required for its business strategy, survival and cope with changes in the industry.


“Today I am excited to launch the Econet Innoversity, a learning academy that we will use to develop and deliver skills of the future in line with our business strategy.

“This will be a vehicle for developing requisite mission-critical skills that are imperative for us to not only survive but thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said Mr. Mboweni.

Mr. Mboweni said that organizations are urgently in need of new skills that are not taught locally for them to compete for the future and cope with quick technological advancements.

“For us at Econetour people are the foundation of our success; they are our main source of competitive advantage and are the key drivers of innovation and business resilience.

“It is, therefore, a critical for our continued success that we will restrain them and equip them with fourth industrial revolution skills through the world-class certification programs the Econet Innoversity will offer,” said Mr. Mboweni.

A recent report national skills report by the Higher and Tertiary Education ministry revealed skill deficits in some key sectors and disciplines in Zimbabwe.

The report said the country had a 93,5%skills deficit in engineering, an 88% deficit in agricultural skills and a 95% deficit in medical and health science fields.


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