Pay Less Ecocash Transactional Charges by using CashBot Application


A way to pay less charges with EcoCash has been found and it’s a possibility with the Cashbot application, an application that was developed by a local company, Mobisoft.

You can now save up to 62% when you pay a merchant, 42% when you perform a cash out transaction and 52% when you send money.

Transactions that were impossible to perform are now a reality as the application is making it happen with a once-off subscription of RTGS $5, as long as you have the CashBot App in your smartphone even without any internet data connection subscribers will use the app and save more.

If you had 84 RTGS in your phone and you wanted to perform a transaction of 80 RTGS, to perform the transaction directly is impossible because it cost 5.46 RTGS but Cashbot has made it possible.

Cashbot is able to perform the transaction because the android application’s algorithm will split the transaction into 4 transactions of 23 RTGS, 20 RTGS, 19 RTGS, and 18 RTGS, and the total cost of this transaction will be 3.52 RTGS.

Looking at the transaction you can see that sending 84 RTGS is a reality because you will be able to send the money while you will be left with a change to spare.

With the application, you will send the transaction as one but the application will split the transaction for you automatically for you.

The application has been made available for everyone and it’s free on Google play store. Click Here to download CashBot App.


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