Internet Service Providers hit by the economic crisis


Zol Zimbabwe has notified it’s customers that their price of bundles will increase by a 56% shoot effective from 1 September 2019. Zol subscribers said that it is a major blow to us as end-users because we are now being affected and our businesses will start to stumble.

Zol Zimbabwe has highlighted that the increase in their price is beyond their own control as the economic crisis is worsening.


Through their communication department, Zol implied that at least they have alerted their customers aware of the increase a month before their prices increase and they have opened their lines to assist anyone with queries and questions.

ZOL have assured their customers that they will remain committed to offering quality products they have been always giving, despite an increase in prices. They have made it so because they think the customers are aware of the economic crisis in Zimbabwe which is affecting everyone so they have raised their price to maintain the standard they have set from the beginning.

Their current prices are as follows:

1.WiBroniks pay as you go-up to 10Mbps download capped.
2.WiBroniks pay as you go on contract $79 per month-Up to 10Mbps download indoor modem included capped.
3.WiBroniks Unlimited $295 per month-Up to 15Mbps download unlimited.
4.WiBroniks Unlimited on contract $320 per month-Up to 15Mbps download outdoor modem included unlimited.

1. Nano office $312.50 per month-Up to 7Mbps download unlimited recommended for 3 users.
2. Small office $737.50 per month-Up to 15Mbps download unlimited recommended for 15 users.
3. Micro Office $462.50 per month-Up to 10 Mbps download unlimited recommended for 5 users.


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