5 Ways to Improve Your Startup’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are wary of investing in digital marketing campaigns. One reason is that they often have limited resources. In addition, they also tend to make the mistake of assuming they will get the same results as the big corporations and established businesses.

Data reports suggest that there are many factors responsible for the trends among the startup and entrepreneurial landscape. Businesses are already technologically inclined and able to use digital resources such as the internet, smartphones, and cloud computing to their advantage.

So why not apply the same strategy to your small venture?

To be able to implement a results-driven digital marketing strategy for your small business, you should set realistic and attainable goals first and then work within your budget.

Here are a few ways to improve your digital marketing strategy:

1. Consider Blogging

Ranking on the first page of search engine results should be a top priority for you. Try producing quality blog posts that can increase online awareness for your business. If a feature about your small business appears on Google, for instance, this enhances the brand credibility and establishes consumer trust.

Potential customers or partners will be able to trust your business more if they can easily find your products or services online. A few examples of relevant, high-quality posts are product reviews and features, how-tos, and customer testimonials, among many others.

2. Optimize Local SEO

A popular and highly effective example of improving your local SEO is optimizing your Google+ Business Page. Having your business verified and listed can guarantee a high spot on search results and make your information easily accessible for potential customers.

You can also consider working with a local influencer who knows your business and genuinely likes your products or services.

3. Collaborate with Nano or Micro-Influencers

Nano and micro-influencers have lower follower counts than celebrities and macro-influencers. They could be a great fit for small businesses with limited budgets, and those that are targeting a specific group or audience.

By partnering with these type of influencers, you can tap into their already established network of followers. Moreover, nano and micro-influencers deliver higher engagement rates than those with massive followings.

However, it’s important to narrow down your choices and make sure that the influencer you’re eyeing has the style, tone, content quality, and audience that align with your business objectives.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal influencer, reach out and engage with their posts by commenting or liking. Then, proceed to send him or her a private message or email them if they don’t respond to your comments.

4. Try Email Personalization

Sending personalized emails is a great way to expand your audience reach, capture the interest of potential customers, and ultimately increase sales conversion. Collect email subscribers and craft relevant, engaging newsletters, offers, and other promotional materials.

Use their first names and maintain a casual, non-sales tone to keep them engaged and interested in what your business has to offer. Just make sure not to bombard them with too many emails, though, as it could put them off and make them question the credibility of your small business.

5. Focus on One Primary Social Media Channel

For example, if you are a B2B, you should spend most of your time promoting your business and expanding your network on LinkedIn. This social media channel has the highest concentration of professionals and educated account users–both of whom should be your primary target audience.

If you are an entrepreneur who sells beauty and skincare items on Shopify, on the other hand, regularly posting quality content on Instagram allows you to target a younger demographic who would be interested in trying out your products.

By understanding your customers and keeping track of their purchasing habits and online activities, you’ll be able to effectively promote the exact products or services that they need at the right time and on the right platform.

Final Notes

Don’t make the mistake of copying other successful campaigns of established businesses and corporations. Every business, particularly every small venture, has its own unique needs and goals.

By taking advantage of the free online tools and resources at your disposal, your digital marketing campaign has the potential to yield better results in no time, without exceeding your marketing budget.

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