Sasai App Integrates with Ecocash Burea De Change


It’s the first of its kind in Africa, Sasai app, a product of Cassava international with three main functions to pay, chat and explore has integrated the newly launched EcoCash bureau de change so as to improve on remittances.

Payment charges are being slashed from what used to be 15% to 0% with effect from September 1, 2019, as the integration has occurred.


The free charge on remittances will run for a period of 30 days after which it will be a mere 2,5 percent.

The service will be available for the UK remit corridor and the South African remit corridor with plans underway to incorporate other global remittance players.

The strategy is to identify partners in the different market especially local partners who understand local stories to ensure relevant propositions to users on the platform is provided. With explore, soon you’ll be able to play games, stream music, and conduct remittances.

Sasai’s pay feature will enable you to select remittances as from September 1, 2019. Cassava remit for the UK corridor and Eccocash remit for the South Africa corridor will be the first remittances available

“They will be available on September 1,2019 If you move to the Explore function, you will be able to get the two corridors.

In line with their partnership motive, they aim to add all available global remittance players to the platform so that their clients have a wide range of choice and exploration will be unlimited.

“Introduction of the Sasai App was informed by the need to create value-added services for customers who have most of their time on the social media, hence the three functions of pay, chat and explore,” said Eddie Chibi the chief executive officer of Cassava Smartech

“Sasai was birthed through identifying that most of us now spent a lot of time and attention on the phone which is mainly on the social media and I think that it was important to introduce payments which are integrated into the space where we socialise.

“What we have done is to say, let us make sure that there are more value-added services for our customers including one of the key propositions that brought us here, that is the remittances element,” he added.

The company plans to make the Sasai App remittance service available globally in partnership with mobile operators and local banks. It has been behind the scenes to sign up partnerships and integrating them to the Sasai App.


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