Mobie’: The most innovative Zimbabwean bot so far


Data is expensive in Zimbabwe and the current economic situation is not helping. It is now difficult to afford uninterrupted access to the internet and yet the internet has somehow become the third utility (the other two being water and electricity).

In this age in time when you think of buying any form of Gadget, products, and services. The first think one will do is to get hold of their smartphones and jump straight forward online. Doing all this  requires data and most people are used to buying social media bundles.

Mobie` is a disruptive new service by the developers of Ecoledger, CashBot and Cashledger. Mobisoft’s new baby, Mobie’ allows you to search for and view all products and services listed on Zimbabwean e-commerce sites via WhatsApp. When you find something you like, you can directly contact the product owner through WhatsApp – no extra data bundles required. All you need are just WhatsApp bundles, isn’t this amazing?

Mobie` is free to use and can be accessed by clicking this link.

To search for a product using Mobie`, simply type the product name and Mobie` will search and aggregate results for you. Each result is identified by a four-letter code.  To get more information on a specific product you will have to enter the four-letter code associated with the product.

Mobie will use the four-letter code to get detailed information about the product. The results include a link to the advertiser of the product and clicking the link will take you directly to the advertisers WhatsApp account where you can communicate with them directly.


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