The world is witnessing and accepting the rise of a new technology called blockchain in recent years. News has been circulating in the tech field that many renowned industrial biggies are joining hands with blockchain to launch their new pilot projects.

Several industries and tech companies have noticed the unending advantages of blockchain, as a result, sponsorships are showering upon this technology from great leaders, popular industry tycoons, etc. 

As per the survey conducted by Glassdoor’s blockchain space has seen immense growth in demand from employers for talent in the blockchain field and the drastic fall in bitcoins value did not affect the demand. As per the sources, there are 1,775 openings blockchain space in the US.

The undulations in bitcoins value never affected the demand for blockchain jobs, job vacancies in this space saw 300% growth compared to 2017.

Despite its unpredictable nature in the markets, employers are still looking for talent and experience in the blockchain field like never before.

Several tech firms and industries are searching for blockchain talent and experience, another good news for the aspirants who are blockchain as a career is ‘the pay’.

Besides a growing number of employers looking for blockchain talent, there’s better news for those in the space: the pay.

However, people with technical skills, knowledge, and experience are getting much better pay, but still, openings in blockchain space offer salaries higher than any other field.

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