Zimbabweans Arouse Fierce Anger Over ECOCASH Services


The general public of Zimbabwe from corner to corner have been angered to the last degree due to unscrupulous dealers of EcoCash or EcoCash agents. For a person to access funds these days has become a big hustle, even your hard-earned money.

Banks are not liquid enough to sustain the cash shortage within the nation, so when Ecocash or electronic cash was introduced the majority felt relief but instead, they were celebrating a devil in an angel’s disguise.

Ecocash agents have resorted to charging extra percentages on innocent people’s hard-earned money after being taxed also by the government. Imagine a civil servant who is earning at least RTGS$300, and is forced to pay extra 50% to access cash and he rents a house costing $150, plus the family kids and wife, transport and extras, how deprived is this person?

So the general public is crying out and waiting to see if Econet or the government do something to help the public from the daylight robberies from the EcoCash agents during cashouts.

The Anti-corruption committee should act as swiftly as ever because slowly we are creating a nation of thugs and fraudsters. Due to high taxes from the government, imagine the little monies the public are left with, then you see Ecocash agents charging extra percentages on top of the peanuts.

Anywhere you go to buy something, be it from the corner vegetable vendor or the cigarette vendor to big shops, there is a price for the EcoCash transaction higher than the cash price.  In other circumstances, you face the EcoCash network congested whilst you are being charged an extra percentage which is not regularized by the responsible authorities.

This means there are people who are sleeping not taking action or they are just turning a blind eye after some kickbacks, as we are used to now as a nation, such a shameless behavior.


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