From being peoples favorite to what? Netone

Zimbabwe’s second-biggest Mobile Network Operator, Netone, famed as the people’s favourite network for affordable higher services has struck a hard blow to its customers today the 18th of September 2019, by raising the charges of their Data bundles beyond what their customers expected.

As many people were planning to switch from their mobile network to join Netone which was offering high services at a lower price, Netone is now surprisingly the mobile network company that has expensive bundles whereas a day ago they were the cheapest.

Below is a comparative on what the MNOs are charging now:


Mobile network operator Price Data Data you get per 1RTGS
Netone 3 40MB 13.3 MB
Econet 1.50 40MB 27 MB
Telecel 0.50 30MB 60 MB

Note: The “Data you get per 1RTGS” was calculated by dividing the data official data offering of an MNO by the price. For instance, in netone’s case, I divided 40 (MB) by 3 to get 13.3 (MB).

WhatsApp Bundles for the top 2 MNO are as follows:

Netone’s WhatsApp Bundle
Econet’s WhatsApp Bundle