Cybersecurity – A Comprehensive Introduction


As a business owner, how much do you really know about cybersecurity? What makes for a great password? What is security awareness training? How can you best protect your business against cyberattacks?

Cybersecurity is a huge concern these days. There are so many clever approaches that a hacker can take to breach your system. Here are some of the attacks that you might be subject to:

  • Destructive attacks: There are people out there that simply want to create chaos. They don’t care about stealing your data, they’re interested in destroying your system.
  • Phishing attacks: These are the emails that prompt you to login into a phoney site so that they can get your user details. They might also try and get information, or try to get you to transfer money.
  • Ransomware attacks: Here you get frozen out of your own computer system. To regain access, you have to pay for the ransom.
  • General malware: The aim here is to gain as much information from your computer as possible. They’ll log passwords, and generally sniff around in your sensitive files.

Want to learn more about cybercrime? You can find all of that out and more besides by looking over the infographic below. In it, you’ll learn about:

  • Some of the biggest hacks in our time and how much they cost the company
  • How much personal data has been exposed in the worst breaches
  • How cybercrime impacts small to medium business enterprises
  • What you can do to ensure that your business is kept safe
  • How cybercrime affects your personal data
  • Cybersecurity myths that are completely false
  • Actions that governments around the world have taken to combat cybercrime
  • The General Data Protection Regulation act passed by the European Union

In short, there’s a wealth of information to give you a solid grounding when it comes to cybersecurity. The InfoGraphic contains actionable tips that you can start implementing today to ensure that your systems are more secure.

Plus, you’ll get some interesting stats to quote at your next staff meeting about cybersecurity. We know that you’re going to learn something new here today. So, let’s do away with all the preamble and get to the InfoGraphic.


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