VAYA introduces School Run shuttles


ZSE listed Cassava Smartech a child of Econet wireless has brought Vaya Africa to make sure the people are secured in their travel

Cassava Smartech is a diversified Smartech group, with a mandate to use digital solutions to drive socio-economic development and to improve the overall quality of life for all Africans.

Vaya Africa an app-based ride-hailing service which connects people with the best local drivers to provide a seamless and comfortable transfer from one place to another, at the best possible price.

Vaya enables you or your goods to travel anytime to anywhere as they are waiting for you to contact them when you need them. In one-off their advertisement they said “are your children always late for school? Enjoy the benefits of the Vaya School Shuttle and get your little ones to school on time” thus showing they care about the things you care the most about.

The aim of Vaya is to make your life easier by offering services that were so hard to get. It was a hard thing for people to travel at night because they feared for their lives as chances of being robbed are very high.

“On the global scene, crimes committed to passengers and drivers continue to hound ride-hailing companies. A few years ago a woman traveling by Uber in India’s was sexually assaulted, driving down Uber’s and other ride-hailing services popularity”.

At some point one Zimbabwean rapper was robbed and nearly killed as he was coming late from the studio, he then got in an unknown taxi because there were no well-known taxis resulting in him being robbed. If he only had known about the security Vaya Africa offers.

Vaya’s services are what the people who fear for their mobility/travel need as it offers security to those who want to travel. It’s offering services that cheap and affordable. The app is available on App Stores, iOS, Android and Windows, so one has to download it and register it.

After registration, you are guaranteed of 5 free trips plus a 20% discount on every service they offer you and the payment offered is a form of payment including EcoCash.

Vaya Africa ensure secure travel because they offer a service you can depend with, and such things as background checks and licensing of the drivers, Knowing the car and driver before you get in, Letting people know your route and also a panic button on the application

In the quest to improve the mobility of people to their working places. Vaya has introduced Econet Group Employees and School Run shuttles.

“These two initiatives come with two-pronged benefits; providing affordable convenience to our valued staff teams, and increasing employee productivity as less time is now spent in fuel queues and on school runs,” said Mr. Eddie Chibi, the CEO of Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe.

Employees who work and live in the same residential area will be grouped by their employer in a group of 5 to 10 employees to transport workers economically. The Staff Shuttle service is already in use by several corporate organisations, including BancABC, Boka Tobacco and Nyaradzo, among others.

 “The service allows employers to support their staff by reducing their transport costs as well as having control when employees need to travel locally on company business.”

VAYA school shuttle is only available to Econet Group employees as a pilot, it’s working in a similar manner Group Employees shuttle.

“Parents simply register their children in clusters based on a residential area and school location. The service facilitates all the picks ups and drop-offs, and so providing a safe and reliable school run alternative,” said Mr Chibi .

He said Cassava Smartech was looking to launch the service to the public in September “just in time for the third school term”


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