SASAI to be next the Zimbabwean WeChat


Cassava Smartech is pushing to go global with SASAI app by adding more features that make you naturally want to have the app on your smartphone. Cassava Smarttech unveiled the services that are now available, such as KFC, Alibaba, Spotify, DHL….etc. just to mention a few of 135 services available.

SASAI app was made to bring you the world in your hands through using your smartphone. The services are accessed under the ‘explore’ tab, where you’ll be presented with 25 categories in which you’ll find your preferred service like Amazon, Alibaba, and EBay just to mention a few.

“Using a smartphone, people can now enjoy the power of a much more enhanced global payment environment,” said Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe CEO Eddie Chibi.

SASAI app now enables to make payments and shopping of services you have heard about in TVs, radios, magazines, newspapers…etc. but have never thought of being able to encounter such services at a time such as this.

“Buying goods online had now been greatly simplified with 135 services now already available on the platform,” said Mr. Chibi. The app enables you to buy goods from overseas online things which you know they are authentic because you have bought them from the creators/shops that have been certified.

It is still a difficult process for people to receive money from the diaspora in our society today but SASAI has made it like receiving money from someone in town while you are at home. In a space of 5 minutes, you can now receive money from someone in England much quicker and cheaper.

“You can now send money home in less than 5 minutes, to anyone with a mobile phone, from anywhere in the world,” said Mr. Chibi.

SASAI is falling into the family of We Chat as it showing to have almost the same services, thus standing in the gap of Africans just as what the Asians have done.

A new SASAI bundle has been unveiled, a joint initiative between Cassava and her parent Econet wireless. Their first strategy that is planned is awarding SASAI new users $20 Sasai bundles that will work in the same manner as Facebook or Whatsapp bundle.

“This is similar to the ‘WhatsApp bundle’ in many ways but it only works SASAI” said Mr. Chibi

SASAI customers and new customers downloading and registering on the service for the first time are getting a $20 free SASAI bundles. The data bundle will receive the bundle in a duration of the next 90 days upon registration.

Mr. Chibi announced a 10-week promotion in which Econet is giving free $100 bundles to 1000 customers every week which will result in a draw which is expected to be the biggest in the history of Zimbabwe.

There is a 10-week promotion which will be completed with a grand draw giving houses (situated in Ruwa powered by solar energy). The people in the diaspora who will send money to their families and friends in Zimbabwe through SASAI stand a chance to win 2 houses. There are over 5 houses to be won at the draw.



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