Netone: “Out of Bundle Browsing”

Netone has introduced ‘out of bundle charging’ an option that their clients had been waiting for an option that was brought by Econet 4 years ago. It Seems like the second biggest MNO is now catching up to all its active subscriber’s needs in ensuring better quality services.

The act of forgetting to turn off data when the phone has airtime which you want to buy bundles for WhatsApp,/Facebook/Instagram has happened to almost everyone who possess a smartphone which resulted in you losing your airtime because your phone is said to have upgraded some service you’ll probably won’t know the benefit.

In the act of reaching the world-class status in the next 24 months, Netone brought ‘Out of Bundle Browsing’ such as that of Econet which enables us to save their airtime from updating something they will never want to update. Subscribers can keep their regular airtime safe by blocking access to the internet by any background apps or any other apps.

If you have a WhatsApp bundle only, you will access WhatsApp just fine but won’t be able to access anything else on the internet. If the WhatsApp bundle runs out, you won’t have internet access even when you have the regular airtime.

To have access to the new service of turning off/on ‘out of bundle browsing’ you dial *130#

You  select Option 1 which says “Out of bundle data charging.” You then choose option 2 which says “Block.” If you want to switch it back on in order to use regular airtime to access the internet again you will have to select option 1 “Allow,” at this fork.