WhatsApp to add Self-destructive Messages feature

WhatsApp continues to please its users as it is always upgrading its features almost every day, from sharing its status with Facebook, and now the instant messaging giant is working on adding a new feature similar to a feature found on its rival Telegram of disappearing messages

Secret chats are being promoted because you can chat with anyone talking anything knowing that in a certain time you have set the messages will automatically disappear leaving no trace of anything you have been charting: Self-destructive messages

Causing the message to disappear is a decision you’ll have to do consciously because once you have set the option there is no way of recovering the chats that will have disappeared meaning either all messages in the chat disappear or none of them.

In other words, you can not send one message that you’ll want to delete it will have to be on the whole chat to disappear, you can not send just one disappearing message to someone.

To use this feature you go to a group setting where you will be presented with 3 straight forward instruction, the one that matters the most is the third one which asks you to set the duration of how long you the messages to appear in the chat history.

Users can set the expiration time for these messages, with choices being either five seconds or an hour. More options in between these two times would be welcomed though