ZOL’s LTE Data line offering better bundles than MNOs

ZOL is causing troubles to mobile network operators as it has brought data lines that are offering better data deals. The bundles that are being offered by MNOs on a daily basis are being offered on a monthly basis meaning you’ll have to surf the internet at your own speed and comfort.

Daily bundles are tempting to buy because they seem to be much but much that’s not much because you’ll surf the internet with the thoughts of the data you want to have to forget the limits of your device.

Even though Zol has just changed the prices for the packages of its Wibroniks service, it’s still offering a bundle deal service you’ll never complain about in a tough economy like this. A clear example to show why having the LTE data line is this, Econet’s ZW$30 daily bundle only gets you 1.5GB and you’re forced to use it in one day whilst Wibroniks has 2GB for ZW$32 that you can use for 30 days. Similarly, ZW$20 gets you 1GB on NetOne but again you have to use it in 24 hours.

Those who will be having Zol’s data line will get a good data deal than the one they get at Econet and Netone. For instance, Econet charges you ZW$30 for 1.5Gig which expires after 24 hours yet ZOL’s data line gives you 2Gig data that expires after a month- thereby making it better to use ZOL the LTE data line. As for Netone, it charges ZW$35 for 2Gig which again expires after 24 hours yet ZOL’s data line gives you 2Gig data that expires after months- again, ZOL data line is better.

The prizes of the wibroniks packages that have been changed and to be expect on 02 October 2019 are as follows:   

                                    2GB – ZW$ 32,

                                    3GB – ZW$ 44,

                                    5GB – ZW$ 64,

                                  15GB – ZW$120,

                                  20GB – ZW$135,

                                  30GB – ZW$199,

                                  60GB – ZW$289,

                                100GB – ZW$402

                            Unlimited – ZW$645