Google introduced a new feature to promote your privacy


Google has introduced the option for users to automatically delete their YouTube viewing history. The new option allows you to select a storage time period for your viewing data.

Users can select to keep a saved history of their viewing activity over either the last three or 18 months. Older viewing information will then be wiped out automatically, though the previous option of deleting manually is still useable.

To change the settings, a user must be logged in to their Google account, go to the My Activity page, and select the “Other Google activity” option.

From here, select “Manage activity” under “YouTube History” and click on “Choose to delete automatically”

Along with YouTube’s new auto-delete feature, Google has also added incognito mode to Google Maps.

With this mode activated, a user’s travelling information or locations they’ve searched for on Google Maps will not be stored on their Google account.

Google has also added the ability to quickly remove any recent voice recordings that were stored during interaction with Google’s voice assistant.

A user can now simply say “Hey Google, delete the last thing I said to you” or “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you in the last week” and the data will be deleted.


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