A few Pointers on what Telecel needs to do


Over the past years Telecel “Tell Someone” one of the Mobile Operators in Zimbabwe has been facing a lot of challenges in getting its business up and running. In the just released report by the telecoms regulator, Potraz. Telecel is still facing a decline in most of the categories published in the report.

For any mobile network operator to be in a successful business all it needs are plenty of active mobile subscribers, unfortunately, according to the Q2:2019 report by Potraz, Telecel Zimbabwe came third with 1,027,445 active subscribers from 1,080,606 recorded in Q1 of 2019 report. Econet Wireless topped the chart with a growth of 1.3% of its active mobile subscribers which amounted to 8,574,412. Netone made it to the second position with 2,752,458 which was the biggest growth of 6.1% from Q1:2019.

According to be Report its very clear that Telecel is also losing its market share in the sector, the MNO is close to dying with only 8.3% Market Share on Active Mobile Subscribers. The MNO (Telecel) also lost 1% to make it 3.6% while Econet and Netone had 80.1% and 16.3% respectively in its Voice Traffic Market Share in the period under review, the company keeps losing its piece of the cake.

In this day and age people are mostly relying on data, Data is now the new gold everyone is data hungry which makes Data to be high on demand. Again Telecel is also facing challenges in getting a piece of the cake. Its  Market Share of Internet & Data Traffic dropped from 4.6% (Q1:2019) to 4.3% (Q2:2019) while Netone was the only MNO to gain its market share by 0.8%, Econet lost 0.5%.

Its all that Telecel needs to do is to start introducing promotions, especially on data and internet to get more active subscribers. Telecel also needs to add its network coverage and to install more LTE base station which offers pretty fast internet. On average LTE network download speed is 37.1 Mbps, upload speed is 12.9 Mbps which will be very fast for most users.

The MNO should also promote more of In Calls to attract new subscribers and then to off-net calls they should lower their tariff a little bit so that they compete with other Networks. One biggest thing of all is to improve customer care, making it the best in the country, when a customer calls on their helpline the customers should not spend more than 20seconds on hold if they are to spend more than that they will surely run away from the network to a better one.

In a Nutshell, Telecel should up their Marketing Game…


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