“We have heard enough of Sasai App …”


SASAI is an app that’s trending on the mouth of most urban youths in Zimbabwe as almost every youth with a good smartphone has downloaded the app into his/her phone because of the boring messages which are receiving almost every day.

Surprisingly in our research, we then noticed that most Econet active subscribers have to download the app and uninstall it because they do not find value in the app it is just consuming their storage space.

The messages have caused the people of Zimbabwe to raise complains, resulting in Potraz posting a tweet today that it was going to engage with the service provider.

Here are some of the responses to the tweet by Potraz:

SASAI is an application which like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, WeChat, etc. thus making a social media app where people communicate with instant messaging. It is an app that has to be advertised in the same manner as other social media apps to have more users on it as it seems to be first of its kind in Africa and it is promising huge success to be used globally.

When Cassava Smartech is pushing its App into the world as this  “Sasai is your simple all-in-one App that allows you to send and receive money, pay bills, chat with your family and friends, and explore a whole lot more!”

The customers that are to use the app thinks the application is just for paying bills, sending and receiving money so they just download the App because of the promises of data bundles that are coming with it after that the app is uninstalled from the phone because it’s there to just killing space in your phone.

The promotion that is coming with SASAI is the reason why when you create an account you will find most contacts having an account on SASAI but the last seen of probably 40 days ago showing that the person has never tried to create chats even tried to make or waited to receive charts through the platform.

Cassava Smartech has to show its App as a social media app it is rather than telling its awaited customers of having access to make payments on service people only dream and hear off such Alibaba, Spotify, etc.

Making payments is something that should be talked about when the economy is stable, that’s when the currency is stable and the people have more than enough money to use on the 137 platforms available.

They have to make the people aware of the SASAI bundles which are being given for free after you have purchased any of the social media bundles


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