Can Microsoft and blackberry help the survival of Google


Microsoft has seized the use of its own mobile operating system to join the Android bandwagon, with a plan to introduce a dual-screen, foldable smartphone in 2020. Microsoft’s smartphone, to be called Surface Duo, would run on Google’s Android software.

This move by Microsoft gives Google some hope to make more sales in the future as the are losing one of their big partner Huawei. Early may Huawei was given sanctions by the president of the United States of America Donald Trump.

“The U.S. Commerce Department said it would place Huawei on the so-called Entity List, effectively barring U.S. firms from selling it technology without government approval. Google said it would continue to support existing Huawei smartphones but future devices will not have its flagship apps and services, including maps, Gmail and search. Only basic services would be available, making Huawei phones less desirable. Separately, Huawei is the world’s leading provider of networking equipment, but it relies on U.S. components including computer chips. About a third of Huawei’s suppliers are American.” an extract from Voa.

Huawei is number 2 in the global mobile market shares with 18.9% shares following Samsung with 23.0% shares. The day Huawei stops using Android as its mobile operating system Google will feel the pain because it’s losing much and gaining nothing.

Huawei is preparing for a future where it may rely less on US technology. In August, Huawei unveiled its operating system, called Harmony, which has the possibility to be rival of Google’s Android.

Huawei sold 206 million smartphones in 2018. The company aimed to sell 250 million smartphones in 2019 and 300 million smartphones in 2020. As a result, Huawei is one of the largest distributors of Google apps, which make money for the company through advertising. So, Huawei dropping Android for its Harmony software could be a massive blow to Google.

The coming in of Microsoft and blackberry to use Android as their operating system looks like a big rescue considering the name they have made in the industry. A few years ago, BlackBerry (BB), shifted from its own mobile operating system to making Android phones. BlackBerry dominated the smartphone market for years before Samsung and Apple raced ahead of it.

BlackBerry no longer makes phones directly but they have made a deal with Chinese company TCL Communication Technology to make and sell smartphones under its brand.

With Microsoft adopting Android, it is believed it could reduce the impact of the blow Google might take from losing Huawei. Microsoft plans to have it’s Surface Duo smartphone ready to start shipping for the 2020 holiday season.


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