Telone offering a 2 week trial for Cambridge students


Telone is offering a 2-week school free trial for all Cambridge students on an online digital education platform that can be accessed online and offline. It has 5 subjects Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. The web address is

Learners tab a way of gaining an education in a digital way. A site that has been created to assist you in your studies irrespective of your educational levels (Ordinary and Advanced level). The site is not just made to educate you on anything, it is structured in the same ways as your syllabus.

Learners tab is accessible anywhere you are as long there is internet access. The biggest job lays with you in just knowing how to use your gadget (tablet, laptop, phone or iPad).

Using learners tab is a sure way to help you save your learning time, the tutorials teach you the proper Cambridge Syllabus. So you learn in advance before your teachers have planned or are still thinking of it.

Unlike seeking tutorials on YouTube where you make a search for a tutorial you want but you are presented with some you haven’t asked but with learners cloud there is a specific tutorial video for what you have to learn.

Learning with learners tab is much better and productive when you are being assisted by your teachers on what to learn in advance so that when your teacher is delivering the lesson you have been taught already

The site is very educative because it gives you visual learning thus helping you to have a clear picture of what is it that you are learning about. It’s an unbelievable offer which is like having a speaking textbook because the videos are simple and easy to understand.

The quality of education stuff has been checked and controlled because the information available is matching the specification of the exam board.

For all pricing and a 2-week school trial visit: [email protected]


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