Mara Smartphones being pushed deep in the African markets

Mara Z
Image: DigitalTrends

Just a week after launching its first African made smartphones the Mara X and Mara Z in Rwanda, the Mara group set to open its second plant in Durban, South Africa.

Mara Phone first plant is located in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, it has set to open a second smartphone manufacturing plant at Durban’s Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone (SEZ) on Thursday.

“We strongly believe in the South African fundamentals and the leadership…. KwaZulu-Natal and Dube TradePort have been amazing and it’s the perfect location for Mara Phones in South Africa. Literally everyone, from the Department of Trade and Industry to Trade and Investment KZN, Invest Durban, Proudly SA, the Industrial Development Corporation and the presidential envoys for investment came together to make this investment happen” said Mara Group founder and CEO Ashish Thakkar.

South Africa is the best place to create your market since it is branded to be a little Europe by other African countries, thus qualifying it as the best place to start making your influence.

“Most importantly our high-quality but affordable smartphones will be manufactured at our Mara Phone plants in Rwanda and South Africa…. We’ve already invested $50 million in the Kigali plant and more than $50 million in the Durban plant,” he says, adding that the plants are the same size.

A plant in Durban, South Africa is a strategic move that has been considered carefully because the plant was not just made to support an already existing plant in Kigal. They want to influence the people of South Africa because they are the ones who bare more influence on the African continent when it comes to developments.

“We believe South Africans are very passionate about Proudly SA (products), especially if the quality is of global standards… However, we are also creating jobs in SA hence we are very confident that telcos, retailers, and banks will appreciate and promote this [the Mara Phone) as they share the common vision of creating employment in SA” he said.

South Africa will cause the smartphones to penetrate the southern African markets while the operations in Rwanda will target the east and central Africa markets.


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