CBZ Touch proves to be the Best Banking App in Zimbabwe


Mobile banking is the future of all banks around the World as it if making the lives of many people easier than ever. The Majority of banks in Zimbabwe are moving in the digital era as they now have a banking application.

CBZ was awarded for the best Mobile Banking Application of the year with its CBZ Touch at the Banks and Banking Survey 2019 event held in Harare. The application has over 100000 downloads on Google Play Store and it is the only banking application to have such big numbers of downloads in Zimbabwe. Below is the list of the banking applications who were considered in the context from top to the worst:

  1. CBZ touch
  2. NMB mobile
  3. FBC mobile
  4. Banc ABC
  5. CABS mobile
  6. Met Bank mobile
  7. Nedbank Zimbabwe
  8. SC mobile Zimbabwe
  9. NBS Transact
  10. First Capital Bank Zimbabwe
  11. Square 2.0 (Steward Bank)
  12. ZB bank

Three factors were considered in choosing the winner these factors are Application size, Reviews, Update cycles and Play Store ratings.

A good application has to be small in size so that it can be installed in any type of smartphone because some smartphone has little storage space. The application owners have to constantly update their apps due to a lot of lot bugs, Malwares are being developed every day thus placing clients in danger as their account can be hacked. Playstore ratings are generated by the users of the application based on how they love the services offered by your application.

The event was hosted by the Zimbabwe Independent and sponsored by First Capital Bank. The event is meant to boost the performance of the banking app as its becoming clearer that mobile banking is now the future of all banks as we now moving in the digital era.

Banks have to continue putting more services on their bank apps platform so as to reach a World-class status thus the UX/UI. Banks have to advertise their apps very much rather than building more branches since the majority of people prefer doing things the easier way remotely over the comfort of their homes.

It’s a privilege loved by everyone to be able to make a transaction at any time of the day especially making them at midnight without anyone questioning. Mobile banking has made payments and sending money an easy thing to do. Sending money to anyone at midnight even if it was an emergency was very difficult in the past years but nowadays it’s easy with Zipit. Sending and receiving money can now happen in a space of seconds.

These are some of the fees for the CBZ Touch:

  • View your account balances for your personal and loan accounts
  • Mini Statement requests
  • Transfers to Wallet accounts from CBZ Bank platforms – the ability to transfer funds to other Wallet accounts such as Telecash.
  • Life and Short term Insurance Policy quotations
  • Integrated CBZ Life services – apply for funeral and educational policies, pay for them and do policy alterations
  • Online School and Tertiary Fees payments
  • Online blocking and unblocking of ATM Debit cards
  • Online account opening for e-Wallets
  • Funds Transfer, CBZ to CBZ accounts and transfers to other banks
  • Online Card Replacement request facility.
  • Cash IN facility for e-Wallet account holders
  • Cash Out facility for e-Wallet account holders.
  • Cardless Withdrawals from ATM or CBZ Agents (OTP – One Time Password) – No need for one to carry your ATM card all the time.
  • Send Money To Any Mobile Number – the ability to send money to a recipient holding any mobile number for withdrawing at CBZ ATMs or CBZ Agents using a One Time Password.
  • Bill payment facilities (ZETDC prepaid electricity, CBZ Life funeral cash plan premiums, CBZ Insurance premium payments, CBZ Life education plan payments, City of Harare payments,
  • City of Bulawayo payments, CIMAS, TelOne, Telecel, Z, National Foods, ZIMDEF, First Mutual Health, Quest Financial Services, Ice Cash, Custodial services Transactions
  • Integrated CBZ Asset Management Services such as Balance Enquiry, Withdrawal Instructions.


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