The perfect gift for all night lifers:

Knowing what is it that you want will cause you to enjoy before you have even attended it. Information about Nightlife in your city is now being found on your smartphone through an application brought to you by Tawanda Hove a South Africa-based Zimbabwean IT guru.

“” is an application and a website that facilitates interaction between tourists, club patrons, and club owners to promote tourism and the flow of entertainment activities.

“It will be easy for people visiting the country to locate clubs of their tastes by using the application. They will have an idea of how nightlife in their city of destination is like,” he said.

Tawanda Hove

It is meant to make life easier for new visitors in the city as it guides them to the places they prefer to be in a way they like.

“For club owners, your budget for advertising will be reduced extremely as the application will be your advertising board and also gives you information about what your competitors are doing,” he said.

The application is working for the good of the club owners and club patrons. It acts as an advertising board for club owners where they will be informing the club patrons of what the nightlife of that day will be like. To the patrons, it will inform them of what to expect in the nightlife.

Most people don’t think the nightlife they see on the TV/films exist in their country especially the club with strippers but that lifestyle does exist. When you visit the app you will be directed exactly where they are located what the plan they have for that night is.

Club owner have to subscribe their club on the application and it cost US$100 per year.

In an interview the developer of the App, Tawanda Hove said, “Every time they have an event, they upload it on the website and an alert is sent to the application to see what is happening.”

“Most club owners are still dependent on posters and billboards while their clients, who are also millenniums, are spending most of their time online.”

The idea of coming up with this type of application came when he wanted to go out with friends to have a nice time but couldn’t find the perfect place he wanted.

“One day, I came back home for the Christmas holiday and wanted to go out with friends. I realised that most of the clubs we used to go to in the 90s were closed down. We started driving around Gweru and its outskirts looking for a place to hang out.

So I thought to myself, why not have an application that will show people the clubs around instead of wasting time driving around and here it is,” he explained.

As bright his idea is, he is looking for investors or partners to come on board to fund the promotion of the application to make it known all over the world so that it makes the life of many much easier in this digital era.

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