Banks considering Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 unsafe


Just last week Samsung galaxy S10 and note10 ultrasonic fingerprint sensor malfunctioned due to a $3 screen protector which was unlocking the device no matter what finger was used.

Samsung promised to fix the issue as they are already working on a solution they promised to deliver it in a week’s time.


It’s now over a week and no solution has been brought forward and it has resulted in banks have placed the devices on a blacklist. Downloading the bank application on Google Play Store in no longer possible.

“Good morning …….., we’ve removed the app from the Play Store for customers with Samsung S10 devices. This is due to reports that there are security concerns regarding the devices. We hope to have our app available again shortly once the issue has been resolved. SY” said NatWest.

Banks are considering security for their clients which Samsung is failing to consider in this world were cyber-crimes are continuously increasing.

Mobile phones are making people more vulnerable as much information is being stored on them especially banking information. People prefer mobile banking than the old traditional way where to perform a transaction you had to visit a branch first.

Banks have it in their mind that the device can be stolen and because it has security issues your accounts can be used since people prefer saving the passwords automatically on their devices it will be a jackpot for the thief so blacklisting the device is the safest thing for their clients.

Samsung needs to solve the issue asap because it may lose its clients as complaints are constantly being raised concerning their devices. Their latest Samsung fold has been receiving complains that it was released without being tested properly, so they have screwed up more than once this year.

People are losing confidence in Samsung as it has recently shut down all its operations in China saying things are becoming tough for them to continue operating in China considering their finances.


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