Netone khuluma 24/7 bundles reviewed


The network that everyone is falling in love with has reviewed popular Khuluma 24/7 voice calling bundles.

The reason for the review is none other than the increased tariffs which resulted in all mobile network operators have reviewed their tariffs.

The push is also to make sure that the network continues to offer services that are good as the company as they continue the push to reach world-class status by 2021.

The khuluma 24/7 voice calling bundles only apply to local calls only meaning for international calls the normal voice call tariff applies.

The bundles make communication through voice calls cheaper compared to the normal call tariff showing that the mobile network operator continues to show more love for its clients.

The normal voice call tariff for Netone to other local networks is $0.92 per minute. This gives a reason to stick with the khuluma 24/7 bundles

Below are the new voice calling bundles:

Price Voice Duration Validity
$5.006 Minutes 2 Days
$10.0014 Minutes2 Days
$20.0030 Minutes5 Days


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