Telone offers a better way to use the LTE data line

Telone Bulawayo

Telone continues to give people access to the internet as they have introduced indoor Modem B315 and MiFi E5573Cs-322 and a SIM Card.

A MiFi device is connected to a cellular network and provide internet access for up to ten devices. MiFi is a brand name used to describe a wireless router that acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Novatel Wireless owns a registered trademark on the “MiFi” brand name.


It’s a device worthy of having in your homestead at such a point as to where the economy is getting harder every day. You just buy one Telone LTE line which you will subscribe to the unlimited bundles and place it in the MiFi device for your family to use.

You just place the device in your house as a way to save the household finances because your family will no reasons buy data bundles when they are at home because the services they require will be provided for. The data speed of the LTE line will not be affected by anything even when the device is connected to internet users, it will be like you have been connected to a WiFi.

On average, the Verizon MiFi delivered a download speed of about 1.5 megabits per second and an upload speed of 0.5 Mbps both when connected via Wi-Fi and with a USB tether. The MiFi also delivered about the same connection speeds to the MacBook Pro as it did to the iPad

The device is not encouraged to be used on cooperate organization because of security flaws. It makes your data more vulnerable because anyone connected to it has access to the information.

The popularity of MiFi devices can also be problematic for corporate network security. Corporations generally expect to control on-site internet access: many use firewalls to reduce the risk of malware, and some enforce restrictions aimed at employee productivity. Personal mobile hotspots may provide a “back door” by which employees can circumvent these precautions.


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